Sources: 24-year-old woman fatally struck by car in domestic case

A 24-year-old woman was fatally struck by a car overnight in East New York, police say. The NYPD is investigating the death as a homicide.
Shakira Serrano was struck by a vehicle last night by the L.H. Pink Houses. She suffered severe injuries to the head. Police sources say it was likely a domestic incident involving a man and a woman. Serrano was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead.
A friend of Serrano says she saw Serrano "lifeless" on the ground while someone gave her CPR. She says she's keeping Serrano alive in her thoughts.
"She's just a free, live spirit. She comes and makes her presence known. In her heart and spirit, she's the baddest thing walking. I love her for that," said Sharoya, Serrano's friend.
Police have not said if there have been any arrests.