Sources: Brooklyn man injured in Jersey City shooting

Sources confirmed with News 12 that one of the people shot inside a kosher grocery store in Jersey City was from Brooklyn.  
The victim survived and is now in the hospital.
Officials say bullets started ringing around 12 p.m. Witnesses say heavy gunfire lasted for hours.
Officials say six people are now dead, including three bystanders, two suspected shooters and a New Jersey detective.  
Rabbi Moshe Schapiro. from Chabad Young Professionals of Hoboken and New Jersey, tells News 12 that he has been in touch with the families who were impacted.
He also says he has visited the Brooklyn man who was injured in the shooting at the hospital.
The New Jersey chief police also identified the detective who was killed, tweeting out a photo of him and writing, "This is Det Joe Seals who was killed in the line of duty today! He was a husband and father of 5. He is a #Hero and died protecting the citizens of Jersey City! God Bless his family and all of the JCPD members."
Sources tell News 12 that there is no credible threat to any communities in the city at this time. However, earlier sources did tell News 12 that they sent several officers to synagogues in the Williamsburg area.
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