Special ambulance for obese patients coming to NYC

The $350,000 check was presented to the FDNY in the Bronx by borough president Vanessa Gibson.

Heather Fordham and Adolfo Carrion

Oct 17, 2023, 12:41 AM

Updated 239 days ago


The FDNY received a six-figure check on Monday to bring a special ambulance reserved for obese patients into their fleet.  
The new bariatric ambulance has a ramp, weight-specific lift gear, and stretcher for patients who are over 750 pounds. This comes as the state’s Health Department says the Bronx has the highest number of obese residents among the five boroughs. 
“It will allow us to get to these patients quicker,” said Ian Swords, deputy assistant chief of City North Commander EMS. “With the number of bariatric ambulances that we have there is sometimes a delay, so this will definitely help us save lives when it comes to patients that are larger." 
The $350,000 check was presented to the FDNY in the Bronx by Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson. There are only two other bariatric ambulances in New York City at this time, and Gibson says the addition is crucial to expanding care to all New Yorkers.  
“It’s a game-changer for us in the Bronx, and we know it could potentially save lives,” said Gibson. “It will protect our residents and keep them healthy, and regardless of their body type they have the right to patient-centered care.” 
The new bariatric ambulance will be stationed in the South Bronx and serve all five boroughs. 

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