Special delivery: Laundromat owner reflects on New Year’s Day birth in store

For Super Laundry owner Ping Jiang, her New Year’s Day would turn into a special delivery after a patron gave birth in her laundromat.  
Jiang said she noticed a woman spending lots of time in the bathroom. When she went to check on her, she discovered she was giving birth. 
Video shows the FDNY arriving shortly after the woman began to give birth, and the baby’s father can be seen with the child in the background.  
Jiang says the parents go to the laundromat often, and that the birth was completely unexpected. She even helped mother Jennifer Lopez deliver the newborn – something they both agreed was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  
“It’s Jan. 1. It’s like a blessing,” she said. “I saw an angel on the first day of 2023."
Customers say that they were happy to witness such a magical New Year’s moment, and that the baby appears to be in good spirits and health.