St. Barnabas Hospital launches initiative to prevent COVID-19 vaccine cancellations

Doctors at St. Barnabas Hospital say empty chairs are becoming an all too familiar sight at its vaccination clinic. 
The hospital is now launching an initiative to remind people of their scheduled vaccine appointments. 
In addition to a text alert, a video message from a doctor at the hospital is also sent a week before an appointment. It will also be sent the day of the appointment as a reminder to New Yorkers. 
On some days, the Bronx hospital says it estimates as much as 50% of people who have scheduled vaccination appointments, end up canceling or don’t show up at all. 
Officials say some hospitals dealing with the issue are in communities that have been struggling with high coronavirus rates. 
The hospital says there are several reasons for the cancellations. They say some are job-related, child care issues, or lack of transportation. 
Despite the challenges, the staff says none of its Pfizer doses from cancellations have gone to waste and they want to keep it that way.