State approves full-day pre-K funding for Long Island school districts

There is some welcome news for Long Island parents Thursday as expanded full-day pre-K gets the green light.
The state awarded Long Island school districts a whopping $400 million in funds, which includes nearly $32 million for preschool programs. Sixty-four districts islandwide will get that money, meaning 5,200 pre-K kids will get to go to school.
The West Hempstead School District is getting $280,000 to get its preschool program up and running. District officials say they hope to do that by January of 2022.
Superintendent Daniel Rehman says, "It's definitely a win for our students, a win for our community and most importantly a win for our parents."
Parents say they've struggled to pay pre-K fees of $1,200 a month or more, and the pandemic added another layer of challenges.
"As a taxpayer it's nice to see that money going somewhere where we can see tangible benefits," says Oroma Mpi-Reynolds.
State lawmakers say with the infusion of education funds, most of Long Island's 124 school districts will be offering a pre-K program.