State Corrections Department revising policy on inmates receiving packages

Family members and loved ones are no longer able to ship or deliver in-person food care packages due to a statewide ban.  
The objective of the policy revision is to stop contraband from entering prisons as a safety measure for both staff and those incarcerated. 
Some advocates believe that this takes away access to fresh and nutritious food from the incarcerated individuals. 
“Yes, we want to save lives, absolutely,” said Jeannie Colon, whose husband is at Sing Sing Correctional Facility. He had surgery on his thyroid a few years ago, so he has to watch what he eats.  
Jeannie Colon shops at her local Fine Fare grocery store to get fresh produce and healthy food for her husband, but now she is worried he won’t receive that nutrition at all. 
The state’s Department of Corrections and Community Services says that families can order from any vendor to send packages that aren’t on the department’s disapproved vendor list.  
Colon says that her and other family members of incarcerated individuals are calling on the governor to rescind this directive and let them keep giving packages to their loved ones.