State deems some vaccines given at Jones Beach on Feb. 15 ineffective

The New York state Department of Health says a number of vaccines given at the Jones Beach site on Feb. 15 were not within the required temperature range when administered and have been deemed ineffective.
The state says it is reaching out to those people to schedule an appointment to receive another shot.
Officials say 81 people of nearly 1,400 people vaccinated at Jones Beach on Feb. 15 were impacted by the ineffective vaccine doses and that those people have been contacted.
The state says there was no harm in receiving these ineffective shots.
"Getting a third dose isn't doing anything other than revving your immune system back up," says Dr. Frederick Davis, of Long Island Jewish Medical Center. "So while it might have been revved a little bit with this partial dose that was kept at a different temperature, what it's doing is re-exposing your system to a piece of that virus."
Officials have not said exactly what happened to cause the error.
In response, state Sen. Phil Boyle (R-Bay Shore) has called out Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying the administration should have told the public about the ineffective vaccines and what happened.
"Don't be secretive about it, commissioner and governor," says Boyle. "Tell us what happened. Be honest about it, be upfront."
The state did put out a statement later saying in part, "Due to this vaccine's very specific temperature sensitivity, we have a process in place to identify if any temperature excursions occur. This process worked, allowing us to quickly pinpoint this issue, identify the extremely small number of individuals impacted, and immediately begin taking action."