State of Our Schools: Bronx high school teacher creates COVID-19 curriculum

A Zoom class is sharing information about COVID-19 and vaccines for Bronx students at KIPP NYC College Prep High School. 
Science teacher Michael Becker developed a curriculum for his environmental science class to learn more about the vaccine and the coronavirus itself. 
"I want to provide them with access to finding information so that they can make the best choices for themselves and for their families,” said Becker. 
Becker is informing students about antigens and antibodies and which communities have been hit hardest during the pandemic.
The class also examines historical vaccine cases, how they work and how they are developed. 
“People of color or low-income communities might not have the same access or the same level of trust to get the vaccine,” said Becker. 
Senior student Myran Sanchez tells News 12 the course has helped address his mother’s questions. 
"I’m really glad I can give her actual information that the teacher gives me and stuff every time she has a question and I'm there to answer it,” said Sanchez.