State officials urge NJ residents behind on utility bills to apply for assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to place a financial strain on families across New Jersey, but officials say that there is help.
Public officials gathered in East Orange on Friday to encourage residents who are behind on their utility bills to apply for state assistance programs. Joining them were the organization La Casa de Don Pedro and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Both groups have helped individuals apply for assistance programs throughout the pandemic.
"There is over $650 million of arrearages of utility bills in the state of New Jersey. Primarily due to the pandemic, we have been suffering through for the past 18 months. Our citizens need that help,” said Joseph Fiordaliso, the president of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.
East Orange has one of the highest utility bill debts total in the state.
More information about assistance programs can be found on the state’s website.