Statue of RBG unveiled in hometown of Brooklyn

During Women's History Month and days ahead of what would've been her 88th birthday, a life-like statue of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was unveiled Friday in Downtown Brooklyn.
Ginsburg was honored as local leaders remembered all that she accomplished and her life's devotion to creating justice for all.
The bronze statue is part of the Statues for Equality initiative, a global mission to balance gender and racial representation in public statues. The goal is to increase gender equality of public sculptures by 50% in the next four years.
Ginsburg's statue stands at 7 feet tall and shows her dressed in her robe and wearing her glasses.
Organizers of the unveiling say it was created with Ginsburg's knowledge and consent before her passing. It is not, however, the statue that Gov. Andrew Cuomo planned and announced last year.