Mostly clear skies and breezy conditions for New York City

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Hope Osemwenkhae says cold and clear weather with slight winds will stick around through Tuesday morning.
Rain is behind us but wind will stick around for a brisk and blustery night with wind chills in the 20s. Sunshine returns on Tuesday with more windy weather as quiet skies and cool temperatures stay around through Thursday.
Tonight: Very cold and mostly clear. Lows near 33.
Tuesday: Freezing start. Brighter with a chilly breeze. Highs near 44. Lows near 36. 
Wednesday: Mostly sunny and chilly, less breezy. Highs near 44. Lows near 30.
Thursday: Sun and clouds, colder. Highs near 40. Lows near 34. 
Friday: Mostly sunny, not as cold. Highs near 48. Lows near 38.
Saturday: Partly sunny and cool. Highs near 50. Lows near 40.
Sunday: Sun and clouds, cool. Highs near 52. Lows near 41.