Student-athletes gearing up for 100th Turkey Bowl showdown

The clock is winding down for the Fordham Prep Rams as they get closer to kickoff for the 100th Turkey Bowl game against Xavier High School.  
Wednesday was the last practice, and the team says they are ready for what they consider their biggest game of the season.  
"When November comes around, all you hear is you better beat Xavier. That's all you hear, and I'm pretty excited to play in it," says senior quarterback Matthew Moorehead.  
The game will start at 10 a.m. Thursday at Fordham University's Moglia Stadium. The team says they have been practicing the past two weeks for this game.  
Fordham Prep leads the series 54-41-4 and has won the last three matchups.  
"It's the 100th Turkey Bowl. We have to win this game,” said Fordham Prep senior wide receiver Jake Brodick. “Everyone is going to be talking about this. You don't remember the 69th Turkey Bowl, but you're going to remember the 100th, so we’re going to take this one home.”  
The players will wear a special edition jersey that pays homage to what the team wore in the inaugural Turkey Bowl a century ago.  
Staff at the school say they have a lot of fan activities so everyone can participate in at the game.