Student safety fears lead to call for metal detectors at Williamsburg school complex

Concern over student safety has some parents at a Williamsburg school complex on edge.
Two incidents have happened in a matter of weeks at Northside Charter High School. The complex also houses Middle School 126. One parent has even demanded that the school install permanent metal detectors.
The first incident happened after school on Nov. 7, according to an email to parents. Two students got into a fight at McCarren Park with students from other schools.
As a result, scanners and other security measures were implemented. However, on Nov. 20, there was a citizen app report of a gun at the school. When police investigated, they deemed it a false alarm.
All of this has parents wondering if their kids are safe. News 12 has reached out to the Department of Education and has not heard back yet.
The executive director of Northside Charter High School says its Board of Trustees places the greatest importance on ensuring the safety and security of its students and staff.
Parents are also encouraged to attend a campuswide safety meeting Monday night that will address these concerns.