Students at Brooklyn Collaborative Studies march through neighborhood to celebrate post-graduation plans

Students at Brooklyn Collaborative Studies marched through the school's neighborhood this morning to celebrate their post-graduation plans.
The school is part of the NYC Outward Bound network. This is the 12th year the network has held the annual march for seniors in all of their schools.
The students marched from the school in Carroll Gardens to the U.S. post office in Red Hook to mail out letters of gratitude to those who have supported them on their journeys.
"It's a bit nerve-wracking because there is a lot of attention on the seniors, but I do really like it a lot. It's a chance to celebrate all our years of hard work," said Janiya Mclean, a student.
As they marched, they were cheered on by their families, peers and school staff.
"I'm so proud of them. This is really a community effort, but we're celebrating the students. But it's really about their families, the school, the structure that supports you through hardship to get them to whatever their journeys will lead them to," said principal Scill Chan.
Chan says this year's march was extra special because they added "and careers" to the title of the march in an effort to support students who may choose to go a different route than college.