Students' steel pan band helps unify, add diversity to Achievement First Brooklyn High School

Achievement First Brooklyn High School's steel pan band has become a symbol of unity and cultural representation for its students in just two short years.
Pulse is the first high school steel pan band in the city. They say the power of music is helping them add diversity to the school.
"We have to integrate into our schools for Americans to learn about different cultures. We live in a melting pot," says eleventh grader Khorey-Sean Hendricks. He is one of many students who have only been playing pan for a year. During that short time, they managed to master the steel pan's unique sound. Students say to really understand the music, they have to form a connection.
"When I'm feeling down or anything, I usually come in here... I come to the pan and I start moving and grooving with the team and I just start feeling uplifted over time," says eleventh grader Hawa Bah.
As Pulse continues to evolve, it's uniting students through the universal language of music.
"Students come to school to master concepts... and hearing what we're hearing in the background, like that's them not only showing mastery -- that's that creator of knowledge," says Achievement First Brooklyn High School Principal Damen Scott.
The students say the steel pan drums are more than just musical instruments, but a chance to create something special.