Students welcome Brazilian soccer star to classroom

Students at Claremont International High School welcomed a Brazilian soccer legend in their school on Tuesday.  
Marcos Evangelista Morais, better known in the soccer world as “Cafu,” joined the students to remind them that they should never give up – which he says helped him bring Brazil to the World Cup.  
Claremont International High School is a place where dozens of languages and cultures come together in the student body. 
“Most of our students have come to the United States,” said Assistant Principal Charles Jones. “They were brought here by their families, or they came on their own and they were just looking for an opportunity." 
Morais came from a small town in Brazil and says his lack of money and resources was part of his motivation to chase his dreams. He says he uses his humble beginnings as a point of inspiration for others.  
“He let me be comfortable in what I’m doing and let me be comfortable in where I came from,” said 11th grader Mariama Sey.