Study: 1 in 3 COVID-19 patients diagnosed with psychological, neurological condition post-infection

A study published in the Lancet journal says that one in three COVID-19 patients was diagnosed with a psychological or neurological condition in the six months after infection.
Dr. Sharon Stoll, a neuro-immunologist for Yale Medicine, says she receives monthly injections to keep headaches under control nearly a year after being infected.
Psychiatrists say the new psychological conditions can be more severe than headache. Dr. Arman Fesharaki, a neuropsychiatrist with Yale Medicine, says it's not clear how or whether COVID-19 infection directly causes brain issues to crop up.
Stoll says when it comes to depression and anxiety, environmental factors can't be ignored.
Doctors say regardless of the mechanism, the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19's after-effects is not to get the virus at all.
The most common conditions found by the study were anxiety, mood and substance use disorders.