Study looks at how vehicle pollution impacts schools near major roadways

A new study is looking at how many public schools around the city are near major roads with high levels of pollution.

News 12 Staff

Sep 4, 2019, 12:04 AM

Updated 1,688 days ago


A new study is looking at how vehicle pollution is impacting students at public schools near major roads. analyzes local neighborhoods and found that in Brooklyn there are 45 schools near major roadways. In the Bronx, more than 60 schools are near major roadways.
Aaron Ghitelman from also says people should worry about the students' health. The EPA says prolonged exposure to air pollution from vehicles has been linked to negative health impacts. The EPA says high levels of pollution can impact lung development in children and even increase the risk of cancer.
A statement from School Construction Authority officials says air quality is evaluated when picking sites for schools. If they do find any concerns, they say they use special filters in the schools to eliminate pollutants and that they also say they build the structures so entrances, classrooms and yards are as far from highways as possible.

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