Study: People who test positive after recovering from coronavirus are not infectious

COVID-19 researchers say they learned a lot by tracking cases of infection within a large group of pro basketball players and staff.
Researchers looked at 3,600 basketball players and staff who were staying in the NBA bubble last year, in figuring out how long those who got COVID and got better were contagious.
After getting over COVID, some people say they're ready to leave the house, run errands and hang out with others.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 10 days after the first day of coronavirus infection, people can head out so long as they don't have a fever. Wearing a mask and keeping distance is still encouraged.
The NBA study shows healthy people who continue to test positive for the coronavirus after recovering don't appear to be infectious. In some cases, people kept testing positive for weeks.
The key finding was that those who recovered did not transmit the virus to others. Researchers found no incidents of a long-term positive person spreading the virus to others, which was despite them participating in training and games without wearing masks.
The study findings are in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.