Mostly clear skies and summerlike weekend weather for New York City  

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Scott Sincoff says to expect mostly clear and mild weather conditions.
TONIGHT: Mostly clear and mild as clouds clear for a comfortable evening. Lows down to 62.
TOMORROW: Sunny and near-record warmth. Highs up to 82, 70s near the water. The record is 83 from 1919. Lows fall quickly to 55. Clouds return at night.
SUNDAY: Cloudy. Temperatures fall through the day from 59 early to the low 50s. Showers start off light, and then the heavy rain arrives in the afternoon. This will be the eighth weekend in a row with rain. Steady showers continue into the evening and overnight. Lows down to 52.
MONDAY: Showers continue, steadiest for the morning commute. Scattered showers fade throughout the day, ending by the evening. Highs up to 61. Lows drop to 45.
TUESDAY: A tricky forecast in-between storms, but there is a treat. Sun and clouds during the day, with showers possible after 10 p.m. This could be earlier, but trick-or-treating is recommended tonight or Saturday night. Highs only around 52. Lows down to 39.
WEDNESDAY: November could start off with a possible coastal storm, but details are limited. Showers are possible, breezy and cold. Highs barely scraping 50. Lows down into the 30s. There could even be snow N&W of the city.
THURSDAY: Sunny, brisk, and breezy. Highs around 50 but will feel colder because of the wind.