Sunday morning rain gives way to sunny, breezy afternoon in NYC

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Allan Nofoff says New York City will see showers in the morning ahead of a sunny and breezy afternoon.
TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy. A shower or two is possible between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. Not a washout or widespread. Lows down to 50.
TOMORROW: Any rain ends by 8 a.m. turning mostly sunny by noon. Remaining breezy with 15-25 mph gusts. Highs in the low-50s at 8 a.m., slowly dropping through the 40s by the evening. Lows down to 35 at night.
MONDAY: A cold start, feels like around 30 in the morning. Sunny and chilly. Highs near 47. Lows near 35.
TUESDAY: Mostly sunny with the continued chill. Highs near 47. Lows near 40. Showers arrive after 3 a.m.
WEDNESDAY - WEATHER TO WATCH: A chance of showers. Steady rain is possible late morning/early afternoon. Highs in the low-50s. Lows near 40. First flakes possible north and west of New York City.
LATE WEEK: Mostly sunny and chilly again. Highs in the mid-40s, lows in the mid-30s.