Sunny and cold Sunday for the New York City metro area

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Scott Sincoff says it will be a cold but sunny Sunday for the New York City metropolitan area.
WHAT'S NEW: Chilly and dry conditions going into the overnight hours.
WHAT'S NEXT: Cold on Sunday, but sunny through Thursday.
OVERNIGHT: Cold with frost possible. Lows in the mid-30s.
SUNDAY: Lots of sunshine, but cold. Highs in the mid-40s. Lows in the low-30s.
MONDAY: Clear and cold to start, then cool in the afternoon with sunshine. Highs near 50. Overnight lows near 40.
TUESDAY: Mostly sunny and cool. Highs in the low-50s, overnight lows in the 30s.
WEDNESDAY: A cold start. A few more clouds. Highs in the low-50s.
LATE WEEK: Milder and cloudier with highs approaching 60. Next chance for rain is late Friday or Saturday.