Sunny and mild Tuesday for NYC; rain and chilly temps ahead

News 12 Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says Tuesday will be Sunny and mild again with highs up to 65.

News 12 Staff

Apr 22, 2024, 10:11 AM

Updated 37 days ago


News 12 Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says it will be clear and chilly overnight on Monday. Tuesday will be sunny and mild but it will get chillier and rainy as the week goes on.
TONIGHT: Clear and chilly. Lows down to 44.
TOMORROW: Sunny and mild again. Highs up to 65. A sea breeze will keep coastal Brooklyn around 60. Lows near 53 with increasing clouds.
WEDNESDAY: A few showers likely. Best chance is light rain during the AM commute, then a few pop-up downpours/storms during the afternoon. Highs shoot up to 70, then crash to just 39 at night with a brisk wind. Gusts of 25-30 mph likely.
THURSDAY: I hope you did NOT put away the heavier coats. A freezing cold start (feels like 32-33). Gusty and chilly. Gusts of 25-35 mph. Sunny but only near 55 for highs, feeling like the 40s. Lows down to 42.
FRIDAY: Sunny and not as cold. Highs near 59. Lows near 45. WEEKEND: Not perfect, but not a washout. Showers are possible Saturday evening through Sunday morning. Highs near 60 Saturday surge into the 70s on Sunday.

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