Sunshine and warm weekend set for NYC, showers early next week

NOW: A clear and tranquil evening with lows near 65. 
NEXT: A nice late-summer weekend with 80s and sunshine, warmer and sunnier Saturday.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Darryl Green says New York City will be cool and clear overnight, with a late-summer weekend of 80-degree temperatures and sunshine.
Hurricane Earl is rapidly intensifying as it makes its closest approach to Bermuda. Higher swells and dangerous rip currents for New York City's southern facing beaches.
A coastal flood advisory is also in effect for the most prone low-lying areas in Brooklyn and Queens later this evening for the high tide cycle. Minor spillover is expected in these vulnerable waterfront areas due to offshore swells from a nearby offshore storm 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
TONIGHT: Mostly clear and tranquil. Lows near 65.
TOMORROW: Sunny and nice! Highs near 81. Lows near 65.
SATURDAY: Plenty of sun and warmer. Highs up to 85. Lows near 66.
SUNDAY: More clouds into the afternoon, a touch cooler. Highs around 82. Lows near 68.
MONDAY: Mostly cloudy. A chance of a shower or two by the evening. Highs near 81. Lows around 70. Humid.
TUESDAY: A chance of showers. Cooler. Highs near 78. Lows around 67.
WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and seasonably warm. Highs around 81. Lows near 65.