Surveillance video shows moments when MTA bus crashed into Brownstone

New surveillance video shows the moment of impact from when an MTA bus crashed into a Brooklyn brownstone on Monday.
The video provided by a source shows the bus was stopped as the driver came out from behind the wheel, placing a bag on the front windshield of the bus, before stepping out.
It is unclear what specifically the driver was doing in the front of the bus just before bending down and getting back into the driver's seat.
In just moments, while it appears the driver is getting situated, the bus starts to move with the driver gripping the steering wheel, bumping into what appears to be a red vehicle.
That's when the driver starts to turn the steering wheel in both directions, bracing himself as that MTA bus crashes right into the brownstone on the corner of Lincoln Road and Bedford Avenue.
The crashed injured 16 people, and 13 needed to be taken to the hospital.
The Department of Buildings says the brownstone has structural damage and is not safe to occupy.
News 12 spoke with the Transit Workers Union Local 100 vice president who is upset and frustrated, saying whoever put out the surveillance video needs to be held responsible.
"What happens is that in a sense he's been demonized or criminalized or judged and an investigation is not even over. And that's the real problem. Let the investigation take its course. When the investigation takes its course, there's an internal mechanism on what to do," said JP Patafio.
The MTA said in a statement, "The video is disturbing on many levels, raising questions about whether basic safety rules were followed. The incident remains under investigation and we will have more to say when that is complete."