Sweat it out: Jersey City sauna reopens after COVID-19 pandemic pause

A Jersey City sauna has reopened after the coronavirus pandemic forced it to temporarily close.
Sw3at Sauna Studio is not like other saunas in New Jersey.
“It uses low temperatures to increase your body temperatures, which causes you to have very, very deep sweat,” says owner Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez. “Much more than a steam room or any other traditional sauna can do.”
But the pandemic caused the business to be closed from March until June.
“That was really difficult because we had to lay off our staff and we had to close the building and bills continue to come in,” Brevard-Rodriguez says.
The business has reopened with some new rules. Appointments must be made to limit the number of people in the waiting room, and all of the staff will wear masks. There will also be ample hand sanitizer.
“We ramped up our cleaning…we really pride ourselves on using national disinfectants, but now because of COVID, we have been using things like Lysol, Clorox wipes,” Brevard-Rodriguez says.
Brevard-Rodriguez says that the sauna can make people healthier and boost their immune system.
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“You can burn up to 900 calories in just one session,” she says.
Brevard-Rodriguez says that the saunas are located in separate rooms and only one for one or two people in at a time, which will help with social distancing.