Teen, friends attacked at Flatbush McDonald’s

A 17-year-old girl says that witnesses watched and recorded video as she and her friends were beaten and robbed in a Flatbush McDonald's Friday afternoon.
The witnesses, who the girl identified as a mix of customers and employees, saw the whole thing but didn't call the police.
As the girl and her friends fled, the attackers chased them, preventing them from escaping on a train. They continued to flee down Nostrand Avenue with the group in pursuit. Another witness there finally called police.
The girl spoke with News 12 by phone, but was too scared to do an on-camera interview, so News 12 is withholding her name.
"She refused to come out because of the bruises on her face," her mother explained. 
The victim is the youngest of five children and an honors student, according to her mother.
According to community advocate Michael Thomas, a similar incident happened at a different Flatbush McDonald's last year. That attack resulted in a young woman being sentenced to five years in prison, he said.
"They should have security," the 17-year-old's mom told News 12. "If security was there, they would have called the police to prevent this."
McDonald's did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the incident.
Police say they're still looking for the suspects.