Tenants of Bronx building sue landlords after months of living without heat

The tenants of a Stratford Avenue apartment building filed a lawsuit against their landlords after living without essentials for months.
It began with a notice stating that the building’s gas would be shut off in January. Since then, tenants say they’ve been living without heat.
With the help of Legal Aid Society, they sued four owners: Patbru Realty, Concord Management, Michael Rooney, and Michael Rooney Jr. The City Department of Housing Preservation and Development was also named.
The lawsuit allegations vary from neglect to making apartment repairs, heat, water outages and other code violations.
Michael Rooney’s lawyer claimed that Con Ed turned off the gas because of a gas line failing a pressure test.
He said that although tenants claim they went without heat, the pilot light for the boiler was converted to electric, so that the building always had heat.
He also said reinstallation of gas lines takes time and the work is underway. He says it will be completed by the end of August.
However, the gas won't be turned on until Con Ed and the Department of Buildings reinspect.
The tenants’ lawyers say the case could be settled. But if it is not, they will determine the next steps.
The tenants are also trying to establish a tenant association to prevent future circumstances like this.