The CDC relaxed social distancing guidelines for students but not teachers. What does that mean for classrooms?

As more vaccines are administered, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is relaxing its distancing guidelines for children in schools. Students are now recommended to sit at least 3 feet apart, as long as they are wearing masks.
So what does this mean for our children and their classrooms?
Dr. Robert R. Zywicki, superintendent at Mount Olive Township School District, and Kara McCormick-Lyons, president of the White Plains Teachers Association in Westchester, and Dr. Lucy McBride joined News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen this morning to talk about the guidelines.
The new guidance emphasizes that good airflow and ventilation in school buildings is a critical component of maintaining a safe environment.
The CDC guidance for older students is more cautious — advising that they should keep 6 feet of distance unless they are in pods with the same classmates and adults for the whole day.
Below is what The New Normal guests have to say about the new guidelines.
The change applies only to students, not teachers or other adult staff. What does this mean for the classrooms and schools? Here's what the guests had to say about this and community spread: