The Download: BodyGuardz 5-in-1 Emergency Hub

Bad weather, natural disasters or any other emergency - it never hurts to be ready for the worst.
BodyGuardz says its 5-in-1 Emergency Hub will help keep you informed and protected during an emergency.
The tiny device lives plugged into an outlet in your home, ready at a moment's notice. It's connected via Wi-Fi to your smartphone. Then if there are any emergencies in your area, you'll get a loud alert.
The hub has an FM radio and a night light, plus a flashlight in case the power goes out. It also has a panic button that triggers a loud alarm, strobes SOS in Morse code, and alerts your emergency contacts that you're in trouble.
It also has a 6,600-milliamp battery inside that you can use to charge a USB-powered device or your smartphone.
BodyGuardz says you can also take the emergency hub with you on trips so you are protected on the road.
The BodyGuardz 5-in-1 Emergency Hub is available now for $99.