The Download: ClicBot from KEYi Tech

Kids are learning to code earlier and earlier, but sometimes that learning process can be challenging.
News 12's gadget guru Andrew Ehinger takes a look at a unique robot that can teach just about anyone how to code.
The ClicBot from KEYi Tech isn't just a cute little robot toy. It's a powerful tool for learning how to code.
The secret to the ClicBot is it's modular motors, camera and sensors, which through its companion app can know what position they're in and even what the robot looks like. From there kids or adults can create thousands of different robots that roll, climb, dance or even pick up things.
ClicBot can run pre-programmed routines to show off its personality, or be manually programmed. That can be done with something as simple as moving its body manually and recording the movements, with basic drag and drop block coding, or even the more advanced Python coding language that can really unlock its potential.
One of the really nice things about ClicBot is that it never really gets old. There is a whole online community where you can share designs and learn from what others have created. The ClicBot starts at $450.