The Download: Pria

There are lots of so called "smart" devices that can remind us of things going on in our busy lives. But what about making sure you, or an elderly parent, takes medication on time and accurately?
Pria is a smart, at-home medication management system. The friendly looking Pria is the next high-tech step from those multicontainer pill boxes for seniors who are living at home.
Though an app, pills are loaded into the device and secured. Then, at the designated time, Pria alerts, and with a pin code or facial recognition, dispenses the pills.
If the pills aren't dispensed, or taken from the cup, an alert is sent via Wi-Fi to relatives or other caregivers with the Pria app.
The company says the device can increase the chances of on-time medication delivery to more than 85%.
But Pria is more than just a pill dispenser, it’s also a smart speaker and through voice commands can display weather forecasts and other information. There's even a video chat function for family members to dial in to Pria and chat with relatives on the device.
The Pria is $450, plus a small monthly subscription.