‘The Honeyzoomers’: Show on pandemic features actors who weren't in same room

A show about the coronavirus pandemic was filmed during the pandemic -- and the actors have never been in the same apartment while acting out any of the episodes. 
It's called "The Honeyzoomers," like the classic "Honeymooners," and there are 39 episodes, with more episodes still set to be released. 
Charles Messina, a New York City playwright, is the creator behind the show. 
"It just started out of a brief conversation with a friend, who said 'Did you ever think about doing a series?' and that's how it happened...I just thought if we can put this brother and sister in the same space with each other, even though they are not in the same space with each other and they can be going through the trials and tribulations that we are all going through in this time period I think it will click with people, and I think it did,” said Messina. 
The project is all about being authentically New York. All of the episodes can be found on YouTube.
"I don't think that we are done with ‘The Honeyzoomers’ and I don't think the world is done with it either...I think we are certainly going to do a blooper episode because we have so much footage and then I think we have some lost episodes just like the original 'Honeymooners' up our sleeves,” said Messina.