The New Normal: Here's what you need to know before you book your next vacation

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined this morning by Frommer's Guidebooks editorial director Pauline Frommer to talk about changes in travel.
Do I need to show proof of vaccination in order to travel? Frommer says it depends on the travel you're doing:
Is this a good time to start booking your vacation? Frommer says prices are increasing and places are already selling out:
Is it a good idea to buy the lowest class of ticket - the basic economy? Most airlines changed their fee rules this year, and basic economy is now the only type of ticket you can't change:
In 2020, interest in RV vacations jumped 1,000% over the prior year. Will this trend continue?
Now we're seeing some international destinations that are opening up for tourists. What are the recommendations while traveling internationally?
What is new when it comes to baggage fees? Frommer talks about the new fees: