The New Normal: How can you stay healthy for the new year

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined by Dr. Sharon Nachman for a conversation on your health.
Millions returned back to work and school today after the long holiday break.
Multiple counties in New Jersey are returning to indoor mask mandates, amidst rising COVID-19, flu and RSV cases - that includes inside schools.
The benefits of "Dry January" last longer than a month, studies show. Every year, tens of thousands of people kick off the new year by taking part in a monthlong sobriety challenge known as Dry January.
The event is widely viewed as a temporary test of willpower, followed by a return to old drinking habits when the month ends. But according to research, that's often not what happens.
Studies show that people who participate in Dry January and other sobriety challenges frequently experience lasting benefits. Often, they drink less in the long run and make other sustained changes to their drinking habits that lead to striking improvements in their health and well-being.