The New Normal: The CDC relaxed guidance on masks outdoors - what does it mean for your family?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eased guidelines Tuesday on the wearing of masks outdoors, saying fully vaccinated Americans don't need to cover their faces anymore unless they are in a big crowd of strangers.
The new guidance represents another calibrated step on the road back to normal from the coronavirus outbreak that has killed over 570,000 people in U.S.
Dr. Renee Garrick, of Westchester Medical Center Health Network, says this is the right time to relax the guidance for masks. Garrick says it also shows the importance of getting vaccinated.
Garrick says people should still wear masks at large indoor gatherings but can skip it when outside not in a crowd. She says people still need to be cautious and stay vigilant.
Dr. Garrick says people should get vaccinated for the greater good of the public.
She says it's important for young people to also get vaccinated. Garrick says she has seen too many young people in bad shape from COVID-19.
Officials say 1 in 4 Americans are fully vaccinated. However, there's a growing number of people skipping their second doses.
Dr. Bruce Hirsch, an infectious disease specialist at Northwell Health, says only getting one shot offers about 80% protection.
While he says that's good it's not enough especially with all the variants out there.
This week, federal officials 'unpaused' the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after rare blood clot concerns.
Dr. Hirsch says the shot is very good and nothing is 100% perfect. He says only 1 out of 100,000 people are prone to the clotting.
There's also talk about opening travel to Europe in the coming months.
Dr. Hirsch says the vaccines are good and just make sure to wear a mask when around other people.