The Real Deal: Easy ways to make healthy, easy meals on the grill with foil

Want to grill and chill without a lot of clean up?
News 12’s Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman has some easy ways to make healthy meals without wasting a lot of time or money.
Nutritionist Jamie Feit has a way to keep it healthy and inexpensive by using foil. Feit says you pack the food in one packet and then you put a large piece of foil on top. Then bring up the sides and tent it - so the steam has enough movement around the food and you put it on the grill for 20 to 30 minutes until your food is cooked and you have a complete meal inside.
Here are some meals you can make on the grill in foil tents:
  • Gnocchi with vegetables
  • Tofu with bok choy and garlic and ginger
  • Salmon with mustard, mayonnaise, dill glaze and zucchini
  • Chicken thighs with corn and tomatoes
Feit says there is no mess when using foil tents, and if you are having company over you can make small packets for everyone.