The Real Deal: How to budget if you plan to go back to school as an adult

It's back to school time for your children, but maybe for you as well?
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman gives us The Real Deal on how to budget for both.
Going back to school as an adult takes a lot of financial planning, especially if you are providing for your family.
Jully Taveras, from Investing Latina, says to cut the extras.
"This is going to definitely be the time where you're going to cut back on some of those fun things, so that you can focus on the education," she says.
You want to choose a degree that pays off. Calculate what your return on this investment is going to be.
Borrow just enough. "Always unexpected things come up. And particularly when you're going back to school, you know, it's not just the tuition that you're paying for, but you're also paying for books. And you might have to pay for like extra labs depending on what you're studying. So those are all things that you want to keep in mind," Taveras says.
Make sure you explore any free help you can get. Ask for grants, scholarships, financial aid. There may be free tutoring available. And grab donated books!
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