The Real Deal: How to entertain for the holiday without going over budget

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and if you're planning a barbecue and looking for ways to entertain and save - we got you covered.
News 12 Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman has some hacks that will entertain your guests without going over budget.
If you want to keep your salad nice and cool while out in the sun, use a shower cap and fill it with ice and put the bowl on top. It will keep your food cold for a long time.
Kids are going to want ice pops and ice cream – use a cupcake holder to put under it so it doesn’t drip all over them. You can also use a cupcake holder to put over drinks to keep bugs out.
Want to make a frosé? Put an ice pop inside the glass of rosé and it will make for the perfect drink.
Also, use a festive tablecloth for a fun backdrop for your guests to take selfies with.
Other ways to entertain your guests on a budget – give them a s'mores kit parting gift. For the kids, fill a jar with candy and have the kids guess the number – the winner takes the candy home.
Need a craft? Take an inexpensive mason jar and paint them – they can be used as a utensil holder. Or do cupcake decorating – that is always a hit.
If you want to prepare something as a family – make healthy kebabs with red, white and blue fruit.