The Real Deal: How to pamper your Mom for pennies on Mother’s Day

We bet your Mom would love a day at the spa for Mother's Day, but that can run you hundreds of dollars.
News 12 consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has the Real Deal on how to do it all on your own at home.
Booking a spa appointment can be costly, so why not recreate it at home?
Devra Bader Beauty Salon shared some tips on how to do it.
First, you can boil some water with chamomile flowers or tea bags. Let the steam open your pres and let the aroma offer a calming moment.
Then you can make a mask out of egg whites. Whisk up the egg whites, add some lemon for brightening, and some honey for calming. You would apply this into a thin layer. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off.  The egg whites tighten your skin and the lemon brightens it.
You can also make an exfoliate scrub with things from your pantry. Mix brown sugar with a little bit of cream.
Then after the scrub, grab some healing cream or even diaper rash cream and put a plastic wrap around your feet to relax.