The Real Deal: Is it truly organic? USDA cracking down on labeling.

The price of food is sky high these days and if you choose organic you are playing even more.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has The Real Deal on if organic is worth the money.
The USDA is cracking down on labeling. Making sure anything that says organic has no toxic pesticides, nitrogen fertilizer or genetic engineering.
Retailers like Stew Leonard's, which offers many organic items, welcomes the stricter enforcement especially for goods imported from other countries.
If you can afford to buy some organic food, experts say start with fruits and vegetables If the product has the USDA stamp of approval you can be confident it passed inspection.
You can buy frozen fruits and veggies that could cost less than fresh, but have the same health benefits.
The new rules for organic businesses will begin in March but companies will have a year to comply.
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