The Real Deal: Restaurant reservations in New York still down about 24% from pre-pandemic levels

We all want to get out and enjoy a dinner at a restaurant, but menu prices are high as restaurant owners need to keep up with rising food and labor costs.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman tells us what's happening in our area.
You might have splurged for date night on Valentine's Day, and maybe thinking about going out for drinks St. Patrick's Day, but overall it seems like we are cutting back on dining out.
Caleb Silver, of Investopedia, tells us New Yorkers are holding tight to their dining dollars.
"The state of New York has not been experiencing the rebound in restaurant reservations that we see in Connecticut and New Jersey. We are still down about 24% from pre-pandemic levels," Silver says.
Restaurant managers tell News 12 that when tax refunds start trickling in, restaurant reservations will be up and they'll be busier again.
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