The Real Deal: Sending your kids to college? Here are all the discounts you should learn about!

We all know college tuition is shockingly expensive - but so is everything that goes with it.
The National Retail Foundation estimates families will spend over $1,000 on back-to-school shopping for college.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman gives us The Real Deal on discounts that may lessen the load.
Dana Yehuda says when she sends her daughter off to school, she plans on taking advantage of companies like Amazon, which offers freshmen six months of free Prime, and student discounted rates for four years.
Many banks will waive fees to reopen checking and savings accounts. Ask if free checking is a perk for your child.
Some retailers offer 10-15% off with valid student IDs. Look at J.Crew, Banana Republic, Champion and Kate Spade.
Expect to pay around $150 for dorm and apartment furnishings. Pottery Barn will knock off 15% on your bill.
Student memberships at gyms, ski areas and bike shops often entice students with lower prices.
Greyhound, some airlines and local buses and subways also have special rates for students with an ID.
Sign up with Bed, Bath and Beyond and get a 20% off pass through the end of September.
The biggest mistake parents make is overbuying, you can always add later.
Make sure to sign up for these discounts sooner rather than later as things get very busy right before move in date.
Many retailers allow you to purchase at your local store or buy online and pick up at the store closest to campus.
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