The Real Deal: Tips on what to do if your luggage is lost while flying

Airport delays and cancellations can all result in lost luggage.
News 12’s Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman has some tips on what to do if your belongings are nowhere to be found.
You painstakingly pack your clothes for your dream vacation, but when you get there it becomes a nightmare because your luggage did not make it.
Experts say always take photographs of what is in your bag and buy a tracker for less than $30.
Expert Katy Nastro suggests a Bluetooth tag tile or air tag.
The tag will allow you to locate the bag if someone else claimed it.
Fly direct and consider budget airlines that generally have less connecting flights with limited changes of losing your baggage.
You are entitled by federal law to get reimbursed for any expenses that you incur because of the lost luggage.
Luggage tags can easily be lost, so place a card inside your bag with your name, cellphone and address.