The Real Deal: Tricks to save big at the ballpark

Baseball is big right now in our area!
Aaron Judge is making history, we have teams heading to the playoffs, so maybe you are thinking of going too.
News 12's Kristie Reeter is giving you the real deal on costs and tricks to save.
"It is so great to have both of our teams in the playoffs here in the New York area, that said, ticket prices have been subject to inflation just like everything else. For Yankee tickets they are up about 4.7% from last year, Mets tickets are up 4%," says Caleb Silver, of Investopedia. "If you are taking a family of four, if you are taking them to the Bronx for a Yankee game that could cost you upwards of $300 once you add in parking, beer, soft drinks, concessions and everything else, it's an expensive night."
Silver says playoff tickets are even higher, averaging around $120 per ticket.
"I have seen seats as expensive as $6,000, if you want to sit close to the field or close to the dugout," he says.
But Trey Jenkins knows all the tricks to save. He's with the 161st Street Business Improvement.
He says if you're looking to buy a jersey - try checking the stores around the stadium.
And get a meal outside the ballfield before the game.
"There are tons of restaurants and bars to go to," Jenkins says.
And did you know? You can bring your own food and sealed plastic water bottles to Yankee Stadium - which cuts down on costs.