Theater teacher surprised by school for her year of hard work

A theater teacher at Renaissance High School got a huge surprise in her classroom on Tuesday for all of her hard work and dedication during the school year.  
Talia Jaime has been the theater teacher for Renaissance students for nine years and was gifted the FLAG Award for Teaching Excellence, which is only given to one teacher in each borough every year.  
"When I started the program here, I wanted to give them the program that I never had growing up because students shouldn't have to leave the Bronx to find theater,” said Jaime.  
The win for Jaime means Renaissance High School gets $10,000 of funding for its arts program, and Jaime will take home $25,000 of her own.  
“She is not only making an impact in this classroom day to day with her students, but really on the school community,” said Risa Daniels, co-president for the FLAG award.  
Jaime says she plans to use her prize money on her family, who have been so supportive of her over the years.