Thieves steal thousands during smash and grab burglaries in Asbury Park

Some business owners on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park were victims of smash and grab burglaries.
A sign on the front window of Kimmee Masi’s Confections of a Rock Star Bakery reads, “It’s cool to be Kind.” But someone missed the message.  
“They took my register, they took my backup bank,” says Masi, with the bakery. “They ruined my floor I just put in, broke my back window. It’s frustrating.”
Masi’s security video captured images around 1 a.m. of a person rifling through the cash register and taking more than $1,000 after smashing the rear door window with a cinder block.  
The same thing happened to Casey McDonald’s Rebel Supply Company earlier this week a few doors away.  
“Two nights ago, someone threw a cigarette container through our back window, and I am furious,” says McDonald 
Three thieves got away with cash.
"It's been a slow climb back up to normal," says McDonald. "And for this to happen at the end of the month during our dead season - it's a nightmare."
Both owners have a message for the people responsible for the break-ins.
"Buddy, what the heck are you doing? There's plenty of work out there," says McDonald. "To steal from a small business is literally the lowest of the low."
"I"ll make them work for me, that's what I'll do," says Masi. "I'm hiring, that's the worst part. I need like 10 people in my store. You want my money, come work for me. I'll pay you."
Asbury Park police are investigating the burglaries and ask anyone who recognizes the person in the security video to contact them.