Throggs Neck residents turn to higher power to stop upzoning proposal

One Throggs Neck community turned to prayer on Saturday as it continued to make pleas to end the ongoing upzoning saga.
Residents previously turned to their elected leaders to halt a plan that would see multistory buildings in their neighborhood of single and double-family homes.
Resident John Cerini and his neighbors came together for a rosary rally. They recited the Hail Mary and held onto their rosaries with one common prayer – to put an end to the upzoning proposal.
During a handful of community meetings, neighbors have said "no" including Vinny Hannwacker.
"The big buildings they want to put in, we're against it. We like the two-family houses that we have," Hannwacker said.
One of the buildings would be right at the Super Foodtown supermarket, and if the proposal gets approved, neighbors could see an eight-story building.
They said the building would be an eyesore.
The developers have said the proposal would bring much-needed housing and would include housing prioritized for veterans. They said it would also bring space for new businesses.
Residents said, however, that the roads, sewers and overall infrastructure won't be able to handle the demand. News 12 has attempted to reach out to the developers as well as representative of from one of them for comment but did not hear back.
In the meantime, the neighbors said they'll continue to pray and contact their elected officials, such as Councilwoman Marjorie Velasquez.