Throgs Neck leader diagnosed with breast cancer strives forward to serve the community

A strong voice in Throgs Neck who was diagnosed with breast cancer continues to faithfully serve the community.
"It's going to be a wonderful experience, just putting this chapter behind me," Angela Torres says. "That's how you build community."
Staying upbeat in her battle with breast cancer, a strong advocate for her community is using that same strength in this very personal battle.
"There are days you that you're not able to eat. There are days you're not able to leave your bed. You really have to learn the art of letting others help you," Torres says.
Ironically, Torres has always been the one to help others, running a food pantry and advocating for student needs. Torres was also recognized as one News 12's Education Ambassadors.
But now the script is flipped.
"Everyone has just come together and made me feel, you know, like I can do this. Having people around that tell you that you can do this, this is fine, and I'm here in your corner. That does everything, that's how we transform community," Torres says.
Torres hasn't been able to spend as much time at the pantry because of her chemotherapy treatments.
She's about to start radiation and wants people to pay attention to their own health.
"Definitely get screened, even if you don't feel a lump or have any symptoms," she advises.
Torres will deliver a speech to other survivors at the American Cancer Society's cancer walk in the Bronx this weekend.